How To Implement The Conversion Equation, Part 1

I wrote recently about how critical it is that if you want to influence others to buy from you or hire you, you must enter the conversation that’s taking place in your prospects mind and, in general, this internal dialog revolves around two major things:

1. There’s a problem they have and they don’t want
2. And there’s a result they want but don’t have

The person who solves the problem, wins.

I also shared a simple formula for doing this. It’s called the Conversion Equation, and it looks like this…

1. Interrupt
2. Engage
3. Educate
4. Offer

In this series of posts, I’ll use examples to help you implement this formula, build your market dominating position statement, slice through the noise like a hot knife through butter, and bring in more customers.

Remember, the Interrupt is your headline – which means it’s the first thing someone sees when they visit your website, read any of your marketing collateral… or hear you speak. When someone asks you what you do, it’s the first words out of your mouth. That’s your headline… and it MUST address the problem your prospects have that they don’t want.

Now, let’s use this new knowledge to create a sharp, attention grabbing Market Dominating Position Statement to interrupt the current flow of noise and move their attention from the news headlines and toward you and what you can do for them.

Let me show you a website for a child psychologist so you can see what I mean. Here is the child psychologist’s original website:

This is typical for this profession, and 99% of his colleagues’ websites look EXACTLY like this. Notice the generic headline… 

Parenting Advice and Resources From Dr. John Smith

He has a headline like that because he’s attempting to be all things to all prospects. Basically, this doctor helps parents deal with adolescent problems. Look at the 9 areas he services…

  • emotionally disturbed kids
  • behavioral problems
  • teen pregnancy
  • peer pressure

…and so on. 

So, let’s improve this site with the fundamentals we just discussed. 

First, you MUST create a market-dominating position. This doctor could actually create 9 of them by simply positioning his specialty in each of his 9 individual areas of treatment. 

There’s a problem they have that they don’t want… and there’s a result they want but they don’t have. This is where we implement the first two components of the Conversion Equation… Interrupt and Engage. The headline is the Interrupt and it must address the problem they have and don’t want. 

Here’s new page for this doctor that that both interrupts and engages:

Notice the headline… Are You Sick And Tired Of The Yelling, Screaming And Belligerent Attitude Of Your Child? Does that address the problem these parents have and they don’t want? 

Would you say that’s a 100% bullseye? 

Now for the Engage which is the sub-headline. 

It MUST address the result they want but they don’t have. 

Notice it says… Now You Can Discover The Secrets To Controlling Your Child And Instantly Restore Peace And Quiet In Your Home. 

Would you say that’s bullseye number two?

You bet it is. And these simple changes have generated thousands of dollars in new revenue for this doctor.

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May you be in a constant state of victory,


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